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SoundMorph is the Parent company of Sinematic and a leading creator of state-of-the-art sound libraries and software, with a focus on computer-based audio production for sound designers and musicians. Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, SoundMorph was conceived on the idea of creating audio products that embrace the evolution of sound. We believe, like any medium, sound evolves with time, and therefore new sounds are needed for new times. We strive to create products that push the boundaries of audio production to open up new horizons, while still striking a perfect balance between usability and design. SoundMorph has had the honour of working with some of the biggest studios in the world, including but not limited to: Skywalker Sound, Apple, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, Blizzard, Epic Games, BioWare, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Valve. If you need good sound effects, we have the world's best sounds.

Creator Libraries

Bloody Nightmare

A modern horror cinematic library aimed at the most cutting edge & bone chilling productions out there. Stutters, Choppers, Impacts, Nightmare Pulses, Stingers, For composers & sound designers!

Doom Drones

Ominous, dark, and foreboding soundscapes, field recordings, and designed ambient drones.

Doom Drones 2

A collection for dark ominous drones, ambiences, and soundscapes. Full collection also available at


Magic sounds galore made by the pros. Focusing on the 5 elements of magic: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, & Ether.


Everything Energy: Electricity, Power Ups, Shockwaves, Sparks, Force Fields, Zaps, Loops, and plenty more.

Future Weapons

Advanced weapon sounds from the future. Featuring shots, utilities, sensors, mines, shields, flares, rifle mechanisms, electric layers, tazers, and more.

Future Weapons 2

Cutting edge weapon sounds made for the future. Need fresh weapons? This is it! Featuring shots, explosions, foley, reloads and more. Perfect in games, film, or television.

Future Weapons 3

The most modern Future Weapons library yet. Featuring 26 different weapons from the future.


Designed by AAA game sound designer Michael Leaning (Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2) Gore features blood, guts, and gore galore to the max.


Recorded by Hollywood's premier weapons recordist, Charles Maynes, recordings of the most frequently used weapons and gear by American SWAT units,

Lost Transmissions

Electromagnetic and radio recordings with an emphasis on communications gone wrong. Malfunctioning static, radio recordings, analog hums, designed passbys, & tonal/fluctuating noise.

Matter Mayhem

Debris, destruction, bomb blasts, and chaos recorded in high definition. Matter Mayhem is chaos at it's best.


Designed by Richard Devine, SoundMorph and Sweet Justice Sound. Steampunk inspired gears, conptraptions, metal, servos, and of course mechanisms.

Modular UI

Modular UI is a user interface library created by world renowned sound designer & musician Richard Devine using Euroracks from around the world.

Monster Within

Creatures, monsters, and aliens, Featuring attacks, roars, giant footsteps, vocals, and flesh ripping.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics designed sounds for trailers, whoosh bys, visual glitches, or a cinematic scene. Perfect for abstract or straight forward sound design.


Designed and source door opens and closes with a focus on sci-fi, medieval, fantasy, metal and contraption type doors.

Road Riders

Recordings and designed sound effects of high performance motor bikes.

Robotic Lifeforms

From small bots to massive automatons, including transforms, morphs, & servos.

Robotic LIfeforms 2

The largest and most modern robot library ever created. An instant classic, this collection has some of the best of the best sci-fi and robot sounds.


Destruction and chaos of materials being ruptured! Categorized for immediate game implementation. For games, film, & TV sound design.


Where it all started! The original Sinematic library. A classic of cutting edge cinematic sounds. Impacts, stutters, sub sonic bass, mega horns, risers and more.

Sinematic 2

The big brother to the classic Sinematic sound library. Sinematic 2 continues on with even more deep synthesized impacts, risers, stingers, passbys and lowend hits.

Sinematic Neon Expansion

Avant-garde cinematic sounds. Great for trailers, sci-fi, and futuristic productions.

Solar Sky

A diverse set of state-of-the-art spaceship sound effects designed for use in any modern sci-fi production.


Futuristic ambience recordings and designed backgrounds, SPACES is the perfect addition for your workflow or mood inducing production. Utilizing only the best microphones, design processes, and tones.

Steampunk Weapons

Mixing the old with the new to make this uniquely diversified collection of weapons. Combining modern recording techniques with metal, rusted objects, and synthesis, breaking the mold of traditional weapons.


For creating moments of anxiety, omninous soundscapes, or musical foreboding highlights, atomospheres, drones, musical sound design, darkness, noise, and distortion.


Stretched, pitched, and morphed sounds. Also available as sample collection with SoundMorph's TimeFlux software here:

Users of Tomorrow

Futuristic and high-tech user interface sounds, Confirms, calculations, text, beeps, buttons, holograms and more.


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Sign up to the Sinematic newsletter to get news about the latest cutting edge sounds we've added to our collection.